Close the gap between good intentions and real results. “As the smallest pebble can create ripples across vast waters, so too can small actions foster a sea of systemic change. This approach to inclusive leadership, both inspiring and practical, empowers all to take part in crafting a culture of belonging. With a focus on individual […]

“Our challenge to all readers is that you need to have a dilemma. Globally, people are not living up to aspirations of equity and belonging. We challenge everyone to find the courage to rock boats and rock them hard. We challenge everyone to drop ripple-causing pebbles that generate waves of change everywhere—workplaces, communities, families, and, perhaps […]

“There is an undeniable relationship between consistent daily practices of Inclusive Leadership and building a culture of belonging.”

“The practices you’ll learn here will help build a culture of belonging that benefits your most vulnerable employees—and everyone else too. Everyone benefits from the daily practices because Inclusive Leadership is about leading all people. We all share a desire to be seen, heard, valued, and understood. We all have an innate desire to be […]

“We all need to lead inclusively and build a culture of belonging so that everyone, no matter the diversity they bring—and because of the diversity they bring—can do their best work, achieve their maximum potential, and enable organizations to perform at the highest levels. This is how everybody wins.”

“Our daily practices can be done every day…we designed these daily practices so that they do not add significantly to what you already have on your plate”